Susanne Mühlhaus begann 2010 Tango zu unterrichten, ausgerechnet in Buenos Aires! Sie fokussiert auf Bewegungsabläufe, Technik, Musikalität und Tanzgenuss. Sie veranstaltet die Milonga SUR jeden Sonntag in München und unterrichtet in München und auswärts. Susanne ist vielleicht die einzige Lehrerin mit zwei abgeschlossenen Tangolehrerausbildungen. Dazu kommen viele Seminare bei Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Chicho Frúmboli und Juana Sepúlveda. Bei längeren Aufenthalten in Buenos Aires tauchte sie komplett in die Tangokultur ein. Als Übersetzerin und Autorin hat sie viele Persönlichkeiten des Tango interviewt und viel über den Tango geschrieben.

Susanne Mühlhaus started teaching Tango in 2010 – in Buenos Aires of all places! She focusses on movement and technique as well as musicality and fun. She organizes the Milonga SUR in Munich, every Sunday. Susanne is probably the only teacher who has completed two full Tango teacher training courses. Plus many seminarios with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Mariano Chicho Frúmboli and Juana Sepúlveda. During extensive visits to Buenos Aires she immersed herself in Tango culture. Susanne is a translator for Spanish and an author. She has interviewed many personalities in Tango and written about Tango in any shape or form.


Giorgos has been dancing Tango since 1997. He went to Buenos Aires several times and took lessons with Gustavo Naveira, Puppy Costelo, Cavito, Pablo Veron and many others from the „old guard“. He has been teaching Tango since 2002, not only in Crete but also in Germany. In his classes he focusses on musicality and enjoyment! As a DJ, he is very popular both locally and internationally. Giorgos is also a Windsurfing and sailing instructor and he loves Yoga, especially Ashtanga Mysore style. As an extra activitiy, he will be offering breathing meditation on the beach in the morning – a perfectly balanced start to the day!